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I'm actually a fan of the recut version of Alien 3.  In fact I might even prefer it to Aliens when decided which ones to rewatch.  I recognise Aliens as the sci-fi action extravaganza it

Quote of the day – May 12


I love the core message of Serenity and Firefly, that government shouldn't have complete control over the population.  It's not healthy and it creates cannibal mutants who wear your skin as a hat.

Quote of the day – May 10


When I was a kid I was excited to be getting the Ghostbusters figurines for Christmas.  So much so that I knew where they were hidden so I would sneak peeks at them and I

Quote of the day – May 9


I think a healthy ego is a good thing. I mean I don't know if you should say that you are God but maybe a God is fine (to quote another Bill Murray film kind

Quote of the day – May 8


This is a meta-quote, not only does Mr. Kim recognise and applaud Korben Dallas on his attitude around getting bad news but winning the bet for lunch but he also employs the same philosophy.  He

Quote of the day – May 7


There's something to be said about the way life adapts and flourishes even in the worst environments.  Even in an environment where we seem determined to destroy as much of the natural world as we

Quote of the day – May 6


We're currently rewatching Twin Peaks in preparation for the relaunch.  There is so much to digest in the series but I think I like this quote the most.  You should be kind to yourself, at

Quote of the day – May 5


  I think even though we're not facing the mind wiping or memory manipulation that Quaid does, Kuato's words still hold a truth in them.  Whilst we are the sum of our experiences it's what