Day Seven – Favourite TNG Episode – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Seven – Favourite TNG Episode – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

The Inner Light

I remember watching this episode when it first aired and being struck by how brilliant a concept this was played out extremely well by Patrick Stewart.  It’s a shame my favourite episode wasn’t one that used the entire cast but this is just a great story and it’s only able to be told so effectively because of all of the episodes that come before it.

It’s a bit of a mind fuck when you realise that Picard has lived a whole lifetime, it has to mess with you.  I’ve only lived forty years and it’s completely shaped me as a person, now imagine living out another 40 years in a different life and having those memories and experience.  The character himself must be forever changed and I appreciate that the flute becomes a regular reminder of this throughout the remainder of the series.

It really does paint Picard in an extraordinary light, the mental fortitude of having survived complete assimilation into the Borg collective, living out an entire life, helping to shape Klingon politics and witnessing the birth of warp drive first hand amongst so much else.

A really nice episode to rewatch for this challenge.

What’s your favourite TNG episode?

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