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Original Material

All my original stuff!

Yeah, most of my most popular work is tied up in well-known properties and popular culture characters. I think every creator prefers working on their own material and as much as I love celebrating Star Trek and genre characters etc, I really love working on my own stuff.

This page is all about my own “stuff” so have a look around, let me know if there’s anything you love (it’s always nice to hear) and hopefully this page will grow!

Burn it all

This was an Easter break project.  I wanted to put together a five page comic that only shows one sequence and leaves the rest up to the imagination.

I often get these scene flashes and I think it’s cool to capture them and then leave them up to interpretation.

Hopefully if you read this it will spark some idea for a contextual story around it, let me know if you do write something I’d love to read it!

Download the pdf.

Ship Cat and Ship Captain

Ship Cat and Captain were born out of a scribble in the margin of my notes made during a meeting and then took on a life of their own.  They are possibly my favourites of my own creations.

I’ve done little comic strips with them and they were the running theme for my 2015 Drawlloween challenge.

I have even cosplayed as Ship Captain.

I know nothing about ships.

Lee Sargent cosplaying as Ship Captain

Drawlloween 2016

Each October I take part in “Drawlloween” which is a challenge set around the theme of Halloween.  The first time I took part I drew all Ship Cat themed pieces but in 2016 I decided to focus on the words.

A couple of pop culture references did sneak in there but overall it was mostly original material!

I didn’t complete the challenge this year and I think I’ve sworn off them for 2017!

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

I wrote and illustrated The Gentleman’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse for several years and it grew quite the following which was awesome but eventually I just ran out of worthy material and it was time to hang up my zombie goo covered axe!

The concept was to replicate early 1900’s etiquette guides and apply them to the zombie apocalypse and after drawing literally hundreds of zombies I think I became quite proficient in the undead.

I very occasionally revisit the apocalypse.