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Sketch Cards

Also known as Art Cards,  ATC (Artist Trading Card), ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, Originals) and a whole bunch of other names!

Put simply Sketch Cards are trading card sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches) pieces of original artwork.  They are often traded by artists and offer an affordable option for someone looking to own a little original artwork of an artist they admire or like without having to invest in a full piece.

Personally I like doing them because they can be a quick way to celebrate characters or concepts and because I live in Australia they are reasonably affordable to send around the world.  I think they’re a fun little item to include in gifts and they’re probably a much easier thing to collect for anyone concerned with space at home.

Sometimes I use the sketch cards as warm ups or to get a feel for a character that I’ve not drawn before or that I want to become more familiar with.

Whilst at present I’m not accepting commission request you can always make a character suggestion on social media:

Misc. Sketch Cards

Star Wars Sketch Cards

In 2015 I attempted a Star Wars 365 challenge, to draw a random Star Wars character sketch card every day.  Mainly because I thought it interesting how many background characters existed in the Star Wars universe and I figured I could fill every day.  I actually didn’t finish it because all the random background characters were really draining when you don’t care about them.  I did, however, get a lot done and below are a selection:

Star Trek Sketch Cards

Of course I have a lot of Star Trek sketch cards up my sleeve as well!