100 Cute Robots

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So yeah, I went waaaaay too hard on the Spocktober.

Too much detail and thinking are involved, and I’ve just got so many things that have to take priority over this kind of challenge; plus, I do a job that demands a lot of my time and thought, and I love it..

Now I’m not going to blame the job entirely; it has provided me with an opportunity for a new doable project.

I asked one of my younger colleagues the other day what her favourite robot was because these are the type of questions one expects from me whilst you are trying to get work done.

She responded that she didn’t know any robots.

The only reasonable response to this was to suggest that I supply her with a daily robot so she could make an informed decision.

Initially, I suggested 90 days, but I’ve since added ten to round out the number and alleviate my irritation when fixated on a round number.

So 100 robots, cute robots too, I’ve got to aim at the demographic that I’m working with here. I am filing this under career development; I wonder if you can be a coder without a favourite robot. I suspect there’s a law or something that says that you can’t.

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I’m also going back to traditional media to sketch them before digitally inking and painting them. I’m transitioning back to more of a balance of traditional and digital. Though it’s been over a year now that I’ve completed an entire classic media piece, I’m not entirely convinced I haven’t lost my nerve on it.



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