The Enterprise D Trio

The Enterprise D trio - a Star Trek TNG illustration

One of the requests from the Star Trek commission pieces was for Picard, Riker and Data to be jamming together on board the Enterprise D.  It’s a nice idea and I really enjoyed drawing them, except I really dislike drawing musical instruments as I am the least musically gifted person on the planet LOL. Overall […]

Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith

One of the reasons I’ve opened up commissions and left them open for longer than normal is that it can be a surprise what people order and it can help with any artist inspirational block that can come along.  So this commission piece falls well within the unexpected requests.  I get it though, it’s a […]

Stranger Things – sketch card set

I’m excited about Stranger Things season 2 because yes the first season was exceptionally good but two there’s obviously a significant amount of nostalgia coming from that second season (Ghostbusters costumes).  It’s interesting for me because they are around my age so I remember Ghostbusters being huge and Gremlins and The Neverending Story (1984 was an […]