The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

Just practising my vocal warm-ups. So I’ve got a new project coming up that I’m starting to get a bit excited about.   We’re only hinting at it all right now but I think it’s going to be fun and a long time coming as we’ve talked about doing the project in the past (the “we” […]

Urban sketch – Isla Nublar

Isla Nublar I’ve drawn this a few times now and it never gets old.  Such an iconic beauty, I’m so happy they preserved it for Jurassic World. I’m really shocked that they haven’t released an official LEGO set for the gates, that’s kind of insane that they haven’t. Remember if you dig my stuff and […]

Urban sketch – Central Park

I think it was the right idea to increase the height of spook central in the film, the building needed to stand out from the others. I wonder if real estate agents disclose that a trans dimensional rip of biblical proportions happened there? Remember if you dig my stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing semi-daily journal […]