When looking at him you suddenly realise how many hoses Hugh had , he’s absolutely covered in them, possibly moreso than any other borg I’ve referenced. I should also note that whilst the Borg find aesthetics irrelevant they do like to give all their drones killer abs. 

Dr Sam Beckett

So for my first A5 Character Commission we step outside of the Star Trek universe (though we’re not abandoning all connections) and step into Quantum Leap with Dr Sam Beckett. I will admit I’ve never been much of a Quantum Leap viewer, I’ve seen the odd episode here and there but not enough to classify […]

About A Girl – The Orville

Yeah it was a fair stretch of time between this and the last The Orville episode poster. I had this image designed for ages but something wasn’t quite right until I realised that I needed to put Rudolph in the middle. I think I’m getting better at capturing the essence of each of the characters […]