Stargate SG1 has become a faithful companion during my days of scribbling, there’s a consistent comfort to the show and I appreciate the tone of the show.  It’s deals with some dark concepts but manages to keep the tone light and well balanced. It’s reassuring and I’m really loving the characters. 

Hulk Scan

I’ve got to say of all of the requests I’ve gotten so far this has got to be one of the most out of left field that I’ve encountered and possibly the most fun to illustrate LOL. A smart Hulk Starfleet Science Officer – rank of Captain (obviously you can’t see that here but you […]

Dr Janet Fraiser

I love drawing Star Trek stuff but it’s so nice to step out into other universes for these commission pieces. Whilst rewatching SG1 I can’t get over how many of these characters are very dear to me, I always thought that Stargate was something I watched somewhat passively but having it running in the background […]

I kind of really need some help

This isn’t an easy thing to post but I’m not really sure I have any other immediate options and I figure I should throw everything I have at this problem. So a perfect storm has hit (figuratively speaking that is) and my wife and I find ourselves in pretty dire circumstances.  I’d rather not go […]

Edward Kenway

It was only as I was drawing this A5 Character Commission that I realised that I haven’t played Black Flag, actually I don’t think I’ve played an Assassin’s Creed game since the original which I liked well enough but I didn’t fall in love with franchise like a lot of people have. I’m told the […]