30 Days of DS9

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly that went by and what a joy it was to do. It actually prompted me to rewatch whole seasons of Deep Space Nine and now I suspect I’ll keep going through to the end now. Day 30 was a hard one to sum up in a paragraph and an […]

Rocket Penguins!

The standout hero of a recent Batman piece I did was a little Rocket Penguin who sneaked into the picture. So I had to draw a couple of standalone penguins… I always intended to pop these on t-shirts and stickers but originally I was going to digital colour them but sometimes I like the effect […]

30 Days of Red Shirts

As suggested over on Facebook by a friend and fellow part-time scribbler I’m kicking off my own 30 Day Drawing Challenge with thirty days of gruesome ends of those clad in red. I invite everyone to join us and I’m particularly interested in those who have no idea what half of these are (there’s only […]