2020 Daily Drawing Challenge – 366 Characters from 366 Movies.

So I’ve done a couple of Star Trek 365 challenges where I draw a Trek illustration every day of the year and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I’ve got another in me, for now at least.

I do like the structure of a daily ritual of drawing something though and with 2020 just around the corner, I’ve started planning my year out. 

There is a daily character challenge going around on Twitter and I’m really interested in adapting that for my challenge.

So for 2020, I’m doing the 366 Characters Project – 366 characters from 366 movies, 366 because it is a leap year.

Every day I’m going to post a character illustration from a film or television show.  The rules are:

  • Original illustration posted daily here and shared via various channels but they’ll be posted here daily
  • Each scribble will feature ONE character (defined however I like)
  • Each character can only be drawn once in the project
  • Each movie can only be featured once during the project
  • Reboots are eligible as are non-theatrical releases (ie made by Netflix or direct to DVD etc)
  • I can’t repeat a character even if played by another actor in a reboot. 

So the character might not be my favourite or even the most prominent one but it will be a character that stands out to me for some reason which no doubt I’ll explain on the blog.  

I’m really looking forward to outraging people on a near-daily basis for not choosing their favourite character from whatever film they love dearly LOL.

So that’s the challenge for next year, it’s only a couple of months away so I’m starting to compile the list along with my Patreon backers but I’m reasonably sure I will not run out of films!

Feel free to play along at home! Don’t be shy and let me know you’re taking part as well!

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