Random Trek #20 – Image in the Sand (DS9)

That was some kiss, wasn’t it?

This week’s random trek episode is from season 7 Deep Space Nine “Image in the Sand” which is, of course, the first episode of that season and I chose to draw the first scene of the episode.

There’s lots of good Sisko stuff going on in this episode, but I love the establishing scene between Odo and Kira. We get to see that she relies on Odo as her support whilst in temporary command of the station, it’s even in their body language in these establishing shots. He’s typical Odo, rigid but he’s leaning in towards Kira who is in turn somewhat relaxed like her guard is down and heavily leaning towards him.

Kira’s storyline and growth throughout the series are possibly one of the best we see in Star Trek. The woman caretaking one of the most important outposts of the Alpha Quadrant is not the angry, explosive and resentful woman we first encountered screaming in frustration at the Bajoran provisional government.

Kira certainly still retains her fire, her experiences over the last six years temper it.

As changed as Odo is, this is Kira’s scene, and she’s magnificent.

The original illustration is available on the Lee Draws Stuff Shop (until someone snaps it up). If you like this and want to see the behind the scenes material (pencil sketches etc) then check out my Patreon.


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