2020 Inktober – Mythical Monster Month

2020 Inktober challenge

Every year I try to incorporate Inktober with another theme, usually. Drawlloween and this year I have left my list preparation to the last minute (well halfway through day one).
Last year a lot of horrible stuff happened in October, and I had to abandon the challenge, which was a real shame.

This year I’ve decided to do a bit of a variation again, not wholly Halloween related but certainly in that realm.
This month I’m going to be drawing a daily mythical monster.

I’ve included a mix of creatures I know very well and some I’ve not heard of before, so a bit of research is going to have to go into it. I’ll get a chance to interpret some of these beasties from their descriptions which I’m looking forward to giving a go!

Digital ink is going to be my medium of choice this month as I’ve been trying to force myself to spend more time on my Surface Pro illustrating and a daily challenge will help get my hours of practice up!
I welcome everyone to follow along and use my list to guide your own Inktober (even though I’ve left this a little late).

Let me know if you do!


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