Day 2 Inktober – Basilisk

Day 2 Inktober - Basilisk

I thought I had a pretty good idea around what a Basilisk looks like which translates essentially to “I’ve seen Harry Potter”.

The Basilisk is not what I was expecting when I looked it up.

They are often depicted as part Rooster part snake. It’s another weird animal mashup. But the descriptions are quite varied, with some suggesting that it’s essentially a small snake whilst in other depictions it’s a large snake (such as the aforementioned Harry Potter).

Depictions aside and you can see what I prefer, the weirder, the better, the Basilisk is a generally unpleasant creature that lives in a hole and pretty much kills everything around it with either its gaze or its poison breath.
Fortunately, if you’ve got a Basilisk problem down by the garden shed, there is stuff you can do. You’re going to have to get your hands on the tears of a phoenix. Suppose that feels like too much of a chore you can toss a weasel down the Basilisk’s hole. The odour of a weasel will kill the Basilisk (sadly for the weasel it’ll also cost it its life in the process).

They think that the origin of the myth probably comes from cobras—the way they rear up as well as how the mongoose and cobras aren’t on friendly terms.

This is part of the 2020 Inktober drawing challenge.


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