Day 3 Inktober – Griffin

So it’s been a pretty mashed-up affair with the first three of our mythological creatures. All three classified as “mythological hybrids”, I’m guessing creative types in the past that wanted to add something interesting to their stories just figured that two half half-lies make a truth.

Today’s hybrid is the Griffin (or if you prefer the griffon, or gryphon) and is pretty well known and very widely represented throughout history as a symbol of awesomeness.

Essentially what we have here is the body of a lion who is the king of the beasts mashed up with the head, wings and talons of an eagle, the king of birds.

Put them together, and you’ve got yourself one majestic creature that guards treasure and import stuff.

It’s a far cry from the foul, hole infesting Basilisk of yesterday’s edition.

This is part of the 2020 Inktober drawing challenge.


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