Far From Home – A Star Trek Discovery scribble

It is a real joy to be able to watch Discovery and genuinely be completely engrossed and keen for the story to unfold.

I honestly feel that they’ve massaged the show to accommodate some of the criticisms from the last two seasons.  We’re in a new universe and we’re getting to see the crew.  

***Spoilers below***

When I first started watching Discovery Saru was not my favourite character.  I didn’t like his one-dimensional prey characteristic but he’s come into his own as the leader of the Discovery and I love that in this episode we got to see him and his command style in all it’s glory.

The whole Discovery crash landing and having to go into immediate triage which was fantastic and somewhat reminiscent of  Mass Effect Andromeda.  If this was the first episode of a show it would be fascinating, with them crashing in an unknown time and having to prioritise their survival.

Georgiou is unfortunately still there.  I like the actress, I hate the character.

But Saru deals with her.

And Saru’s relationship with Tilly is another highlight for me, he reminds her that she’s still an officer but he also handles her fear in a wonderfully touching exchange.  He knows a thing or two about fear.

I’m really enjoying these episodes and can’t wait for next episode.

It’s a nice feeling.  

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