Random Trek #21 – Paradise Lost (DS9)

Scribble from DS9 Paradise Lost  - featuring Captain Sisko and his father - Oh, I see. It's a Neffie Beumont kind of thing.
Oh, I see. It’s a Neffie Beumont kind of thing.

The Random Trek scribble this week comes from Deep Space Nine again and weirdly it’s another one set on Earth with scenes taking place in Sisko’s Restaurant.  This week’s episode is Paradise Lost from the fourth season, and it’s such a good, bad Starfleet one. Evil Admiral is a bit of a trope, but I think it’s handled extremely well here.  

We also get to see the Defiant take on an Excelsior-class starship in some fantastic scenes which are very cool to see.  

I’ve drawn that encounter before, so I didn’t go with that scene.  Instead, I liked the character moment between Ben and his father as he is trying to work out what he’s going to do late one night over a cup of coffee in the restaurant.

It’s another beautiful exchange between father and son that is a cornerstone of the Deep Space Nine relationships.  We get to see the lineage of Ben and Jake’s relationship with Joseph providing just enough guidance for his son to realise that he already knows what he’s going to do.  He also makes him smile, which during the Dominion War is a rarity and a joy to see.

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