Random Trek #22 – Fair Haven (Voyager)

All hands, this is the Captain. Secure your stations and brace for impact.

A couple of weeks ago, after watching the Voyager Random Trek episode of the week I let Netflix take me to the next episode and one thing led to another and I found myself in the middle of a mini-rewatch of Voyager.

I was happily going about my day with Voyager playing in the background and then I realised we’d hit a holodeck episode.

For the most part I really dislike holodeck episodes.

But I let it keep playing because it was only background noise.  

Flash forward a few weeks and of course, THAT episode comes up as this week’s Random Trek instalment.  Fair Haven is a season 6 Voyager episode that has the crew spending a lot of time in Tom Paris’ latest holodeck creation.

As mentioned I’m not a fan of holodeck episodes at all, but I have a special disinterest in Voyager holodeck episodes LOL.  Janeway’s haunted governess stuff and the pool hall and finally Fair Haven, I just super dislike the stories and was dreading watching the episode again, properly this time of course.

Upon rewatching it I feel vindicated in my disdain, I get what they’re trying to do but I don’t want to watch Janeway creating sex dolls in the holodeck, I don’t want to hear Chakotay does it too.  I just would rather imagine them all not using the holodeck like that LOL.

Or maybe in fairness I just feel this episode is a bit cringy and clumsy.  I mean it’s no Sub Rosa but it’s not far off.  

Or maybe I’m being unfair I don’t know what everyone else thinks of it.

Because all of this I’ve opted for a shot from the episode featuring the ship caught in the story device storm.  It stuck out to me as a visually cool look at the ship and I am honestly so loathed to draw a Fair Haven scene that I’m willing to push through drawing the spaceship which I still don’t especially enjoy.  Though it did give me a chance to open and use my Voyager reference book.

The original illustration is available on the Lee Draws Stuff Shop (until someone snaps it up). If you like this and want to see the behind the scenes material (pencil sketches etc) then check out my Patreon.


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