Random Trek #23 – Code of Honor (TNG)

So after complaining last week over how much I dislike holodeck episodes, I was rewarded with the season one TNG episode Code of Honor.  Code of Honor is considered one of the worst episodes of TNG, and upon rewatching, I can see why.  That said though there’s a nugget of an okay story, buried deep under the cringe-worthy layer, which is deep.

The decision to make it an African planet for some reason is genuinely baffling and I suspect it’s offensive (I’m not sure that it’s my place to declare something racist – but it certainly feels so). 

The rest of it is all a bit meh with the whole I can’t believe a woman can be tough and then this weird thing around Tasha having to fight to the death and her kind of being up for it.  Troi is reading her mind and letting the Captain know that Tasha likes the attention.  It’s just a mess of stuff in a show that hadn’t even vaguely found its footing yet.

But, if the episode was a completely alien race then who knows how it might have come across.

Since I honestly wasn’t that interested in capturing a scene I decided to just do a character piece of Tasha, using ink and nib.

The original will be available on the Lee Draws Stuff shop.

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