Random Trek #24 – Emergence (TNG)

I’m sure there’s a good story concept buried deep within this week’s Random Trek entry, the season seven TNG episode Emergence.

If it is, they have managed to bury it quite deep.

Emergence isn’t quite as bad an episode as I remembered it to be, but you wouldn’t call it remarkable. It’s so forgettable I forgot about it after seeing it at least three times before my last big TNG watch through. After reaching the episode on my TNG blu-ray set, I could not for the life of me remember any specifics apart from knowing full well that I had watched it.

I forgot how much of a hit and a miss affair season seven is. There are some awful episodes that I actively avoid watching and no doubt we’ll come to them soon if this random lousy streak continues.

The episode falls flat, and what might have been a fascinating concept seems to go nowhere, and by the end of the episode everyone appears to shrug their shoulders and say “well that just happened I suppose”.

Add to the fact that I have a deep dislike of holodeck episodes, though in fairness I can say the train sequences didn’t bug me as much as other holodeck stuff does typically.

I chose this sequence because everything else out of context would kind of look crazy though I was sorely tempted to draw Worf shovelling coal.

The original is available on the Lee Draws Stuff Shop (until someone snaps it up)


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