That Hope Is You, Part 1 – A Star Trek Discovery scribble

So no real spoilers in the image above but I will be talking spoilers below (as indicated) so don’t keep reading past that point if you haven’t yet seen the latest Discovery episode yet.  Assume the comments will be spoiler’ish and read at your own peril.

Without spoilers I can honestly say that this is the episode that has piqued my interest and appreciation the most for Discovery.  This COULD be THE episode that turns me around on the show.  I feel that 99% of my issues with the first two seasons have been addressed here and and I’m more than willing to go into the new season with an open mind and with a dash of hope.

****** SPOILERS BELOW ******

I am very pleased that we’re now charting unknown ground and that everything both visually can be accounted for due to the 900 years that have passed.  I was excited to see some familiar aliens and the brow ridges didn’t even bother me on the Andorians.  I’m not sure if they’ve been slightly downplayed since season one but I didn’t really notice them and actually thought they’d removed them on some of the Andorians (I don’t think they have).

I almost wish this was the very first episode of Discovery, an old Pike era starship shot through time after a huge universe saving mission to find itself in a universe where Starfleet and the Federation have all but collapsed.

I love the guy still manning the Federation starbase, as implausible as it might be.  I kept waiting for him to be a hologram.  But I think it was all reasonably touching and I am really excited to see the rest of this universe.

I think Booker and Grudge are great additions to the show, I assumed the cargo was living but was very happy to discover that he’s an animal liberationist.  A great message to be promoting after some of the way that Ripper was treated not to mention the poor bunny-corn from Picard.

What I think I like the most is that finally this show has hope at its core.  This wasn’t a depressing episode despite the collapse of the Federation.  Everyone was generally likeable.  

So I’m looking forward to next week, when I assume the Discovery will show up after Burnham has been hanging out, growing her hair and patting Grudge.

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