Li’l Doctor #1

The backers over on Patreon have already voted and the next daily set is going to be Li’l TOS Season 2 and I’m not deviating from that plan, but I’ve drawn the Doctor’s a few times and wondered how they might appear in this new approach.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure a full series would be practical if only because I have no idea what’s currently going on in Doctor Who.  

I dropped out during the previous Doctor’s run and only had a quick look at the current Doctor’s first episode out of curiosity. 

As I understand it, there is another Doctor from the future??  I’m not sure, and my brain hurts just trying to work it out without any context.

Then there’s the War Doctor, and it’s all very complicated over who to include.

It isn’t straightforward from an old school viewer’s point of view at least.

But here’s a rough scribble of cranky Doctor Who #1.

I’ve always been a fan of the first episodes of Doctor Who. I find it apt that the first episode title is An Unearthly Child as I find the whole show quite “unearthly”. The nearly 60-year-old footage and sound have this beautiful texture to it that I’ve always appreciated. 

Maybe that doesn’t make any sense.

It could just be a vibe I’ve picked up along with memories of being relatively young and peering around the couch or through the cracks in my fingers as they covered my eyes to protect me from whatever lies in wait at the end of the corridor the Doctor is walking down.

Sounds terrible but they’re very fond memories.

And now I’m thinking about the early Cybermen whom I found quite disturbing and how cool it might be to draw one of them!

If only I had more time. 😉 


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