Random Trek #25 – Let He Who is Without Sin (DS9)

┬áSo, what do you think of the O’Brien’s plan to name their baby Sean?

Random Trek number 25 (which means I’ve been doing this for 25 weeks now!!!) is another Deep Space Nine episode: season five’s Let He Who is Without Sin. Or as I like to call it “Worf is a dick”.

So basically it’s a messy episode that sees half the main cast head to Risa. Worf doesn’t want to be there, Quark and Bashir wish to be there a little too much. Vanessa Williams guest stars as ah the hotel manager??? I don’t know what her role is, I’m not sure how Risa works from a management point of view, but she knew Dax, and she can’t get people to play hover ball.

Worf joins up with some terrorists and rains on everyone’s parade.

I’m not touching any of that.

My absolute favourite scene is at the very start with Sisko and Odo sharing a coffee. It’s a delightful scene, and it’s very nice seeing them hang out. Morn has a date with a Starfleet lady and Odo and Sisko are just chatting (about the O’Brien’s).

It’s just lovely.

Then Jadzia shows up to talk about her rough sex life with Worf.

Then Worf shows up and doesn’t want to discuss their rough sex life with his boss and the chief of security.

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