Random Trek #26 – A Matter of Honor (TNG)

This week’s random Trek is back over to TNG for the second season Klingon focused A Matter of Honor.  

Watching this episode I had to remind myself how little we knew about the Klingons at this stage.  The Klingons hadn’t really shown up in the first season and so Riker going over to a Klingon ship introduced us to a lot of the Klingon elements that would become staples throughout TNG and beyond.

This week’s is also a bit of an experiment as well as it’s the first week I’ve gone digital for the random Trek.

I knew that the black background of the Picard and Riker conversation during target practice would lend itself really well to it.  It won’t replace traditional media for this series but once I had the idea in my head I had to give it a try.  

I loved this scene and I wish we got to see more of the day to day operations of the crew keeping fit for duty.

This is a really good episode in general, Riker gets to shine and Frakes delivers a great performance.  It does make me wish that Riker had been leaned on more when it would come to future Klingon episodes.

Because this is a digital illustration there’s no original for sale but there are others still available over on the Lee Draws Stuff Shop!


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