Random Trek #27 – Second Skin (DS9)

Last week was a little crazy, so I didn’t get a chance to do my weekly random Trek episode even though I did watch it on time.

Second Skin is a creative what-if episode that avoids a hackneyed resolution.
Major Kira awakens to discover that she is a Cardassian spy who is unable to remember her true origin. An intriguing concept considering how much Kira hated the Cardassians.

The episode plays out well despite the audience knowing that it’s not true, the genius though is that it is so effective in its execution that you can forget at times. For the briefest moments, you can ask “how insane would it be if this was true!?”

Of course, it’s not true, and Kira rescue is assured.

The twist at the end of the episode is genuinely genius. We discover that the plot was never aimed at Kira but instead at her Cardassian father.

I remember seeing the episode for the first time and not expecting that, even on subsequent viewings I’ve forgotten that element to the story.

Nothing significantly jumped out at me in this episode apart from the initial surprise reveal that Kira appears Cardassian. So I’ve drawn that sequence, which surprised me because generally, I wouldn’t say I like drawing characters dressed in disguise. A hazard of the style I’ve formed.


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