Star Trek Discovery 3×03 – People of Earth

We’re on a pretty good winning streak with Disco season 3 as I enjoyed this episode a lot, I am slightly concerned that the honeymoon is coming to an end because I didn’t love this episode as much as the first two.

Nothing I can actively point to in the episode, but there was a vibe, and Burnham’s mopiness was back.  

Spoilers ahead!  

Burnham’s whole I had to let you all go to survive routine is not a good plot or character point.  I think it’s lazy writing and it doesn’t serve the character or actress well.  

Show that she’s changed don’t have her wandering the ship telling people.  I loved the Tilly and Burnham reunion scene, but then I hated elements of it too.  The whole melodrama of Tilly imagining Burnham blowing a dandelion off into the wind dialogue was clumsy despite the perfect chemistry between them (which carries the scene).

I didn’t actively dislike Georgiou in this episode, and I might be warming to her.  Not enough to want to watch a show based on her though and I don’t want them to give her more to do.  But I enjoyed some of her lines.

The non-binary Human/Trill character’s introduction was good, and I very much hope that they are Dax.  I don’t have a problem with the pronouns here after watching Billions and getting accustomed to Taylor Mason.  Which is why I imagine it’s essential to have these characters represented in media to normalise pronouns that are new to many of us.

The scene I chose to represent was the conversation between Saru and Burnham as he sets up (our universe) Georgiou’s telescope.  I just like how the scene is framed and it’s a reminder of their history and the other times that Burnham has just gone off and done her own thing.  

I think I like the scene more for Saru than Burnham, he’s finally the captain, and I think that is wonderful.

I did like the tree scene as well; I’m reading the Hidden Life of Trees right now, so I’m very aware that the tree could still be standing which is lovely.

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