Star Trek Discovery 3×04 – Forget Me Not

The fourth episode in season three of Discovery has some issues, but overall I’m still enjoying this season a lot and continue to look forward to each coming episode.

Despite not choosing to draw any of the scenes featuring him I was extremely impressed with Dr Culber as the thread throughout the B storyline. I don’t think I’ve connected with Culber much in the past, so it was terrific to get that chance in this episode.

Spoilers below.

The A-story which focuses on Adira seeking assistance from the Trill is what I was most interested in seeing. The Trill themselves have been pushed to the edge by the decimation of the symbiote population during the burn. The Trill are struggling and like many other species, they aren’t members of the Federation any longer.

I thought this was really well done, the Trill are really hurting and so they’ve become even more protective of their ways which isn’t great news for Adira whom they see as an abomination.

As a side note, I’m a little confused over Adira’s pronouns; it was much hyped that there would be a non-binary character and whilst the actor is indeed non-binary Adira so far isn’t. I assume this will be resolved as Adira finds peace with the previous lives?

So I liked the scenes on Trill, it was great seeing the pools and getting an update on where another major Trek species were at.

The imagery of their minds coming together worked for me though I don’t feel Burnham needed to go into their mind for the scenes to be still compelling. I know some people took issue with her being the one to go down with Adira, I don’t think it was that big a deal.

Now as a cis male I don’t have a huge amount to offer in the way of intelligent debate when it comes to representation on screen for trans people. My understanding is that the death of Adira’s partner Gray is a sore point for people as it falls heavily into a tired trope of introducing a Trans character only to kill them.

I can only empathise and acknowledge the trope and wonder why the writers would do this. I went and read and watched some responses from a trans point of view and I can completely understand why this would be so frustrating.

I was a little disappointed that Adira has to have this tragic backstory and is going to have this ongoing complication of Gray living inside of their head. I’m just not that interested in this storyline and would be more interested in an external learning to live as a joined human approach.

But these are all minor issues and I very much enjoyed the growing sentience of the computer and Saru learning about helping his crew.

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