Star Trek Discovery 3×06 – Scavengers

We are now halfway through (almost) Discovery season three, and before I get into the spoiler section I want to say that what caused “the burn” is the least interesting thing about the show.

After being pleasantly surprised with how much character growth I felt Burnham had, her continued obsession with what caused the burn and its importance threatens to undo all that good work.

Please give me a Tilly and Grudge show any day.

Spoilers below.

A great self-contained episode that unfortunately had a bunch of annoying little flaws and saw the return of Michael to my least favourite character on the show status.

Her continued disobedience and then her final self-righteous confirmation to Saru that he is right to remove her from command. He doesn’t need her approval or validation.
Even Tilly knows that Burnham isn’t great.

Speaking of Tilly, my favourite part of the show was easily her interactions with Grudge. Genius and wonderful.

My least favourite is the running gag that Linus continues to beam all over the ship. I’m sure some find that hilarious but it misses the mark for me.

Stamets is making a friend and then chatting to Culber in bed about it, that’s excellent.


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