30 Days of DS9

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly that went by and what a joy it was to do. It actually prompted me to rewatch whole seasons of Deep Space Nine and now I suspect I’ll keep going through to the end now.

Day 30 was a hard one to sum up in a paragraph and an image for what I loved the most.

I remember very clearly when DS9 first aired on Australian television and I was blown away about how different everything was, the tone and vibe of the show was new and at the time felt very edgy. I can still feel that emotion when watching episodes today, discovering little details in the background and the beautiful designs.

It’s nice that the nostalgic memories still remain for DS9, the show hasn’t really aged at all, especially those later seasons. I can’t wait to see the documentary which of course this was all a lead up to.

A HUGE thanks to Thad for creating this and asking everyone to join in, it’s been a blast and if you have liked this series please take the time to let him know.

Here they all are collected in one spot:

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