30 Days of Red Shirts – Day Three: Vaporised by phaser

This one is certainly nowhere near as gory as yesterday’s but I imagine the smell of a person being vaporised is probably somewhat pungent.

I’ve got a few vaporisations in the 30 days so I might follow this one up with more of the disintegration process (like in that TNG episode with the bugs and that guy’s face melts off in possibly one of the weirdest tonal changes in the show).

The response to these have been really wonderful and it looks like I’ve worked out a way to offer the set up in a collection A5 prints. It’s all to do with the wording and ensuring no one is confused about the unofficial and parody nature of the images. So they’ll go on pre-order sometime maybe even later today – I will have a pre-order extra for anyone who gets them and I’ll also offer anyone who bought the DS9 card set or am waiting on a commission piece (since they are taking so long to get through) a chance to swap to these.

I think probably the most important element is that I’m actually having fun again working out what to do with each of these and have a bit of freedom to do whatever I want.

The original is available (unless someone has already snapped it up)

Also check out the brilliant drawings that Matt is doing for the challenge – they are fantastic!

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