A break in transmission

It’s an unfortunate reality that sometimes there are bigger things happening in one’s life and occasionally you need to put some things on hold and see them through first.

The big move that almost happened four or five months ago is finally upon me and I’m headed down to Tasmania to join my family.

The house is under contract and everything is being packed up. As I type this I can hear the sound of packing tape giving life to new boxes.

So what this means for my projects.

The 366 Characters from 366 films is going on a short break (a couple of weeks) and I’ll be posting two characters a day until I’m all caught up. There will be 366 characters done this year but I just can’t do the daily thing right now.

Random Trek Tuesdays will also go on hiatus – I have one ready to go but I’m going to hold it off until I’m back online properly.

Picard scribbles, I’m hoping that I’ll have two ready for the finale weekend. If not they’ll be posted as soon as possible the first week I’m back online fully again.

The shop is going to close down overnight and reopen in a few weeks, anything which has been bought over the last couple of weeks will go out this week (except for stationary but I’ll follow that up directly).

Patreon updates will continue though obviously there will be less scribbles to share. All outstanding NoGum cards will be printed and sent in a few weeks after in Tassie properly.

All commission pieces are still in a holding pattern but I’ll be in contact in a few weeks to confirm and proceed as desired.

In the meantime I’ll be around on social media and when I get over this immediate activity I’ll possibly be well and truly up for a chat LOL.

Photo by Tania Melnyczuk

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