…a clean place, reasonably priced

The prospect of staying the night in the Melbourne Airport was unappealing originally and downright terrifying after actually arriving. Brisbane airport felt like it was closed but but in such a small space the passengers that were there took the edge of the desolation.

Melbourne airport is huge by comparison and had the feeling of complete abandonment, I’ve been here a few times and whilst I’m completely over the term unprecedented it really describes the situation.

With barely anyone there and what felt like most of it closed the prospect of finding a corner to curl up in and hopefully grab some sleep was more than a little daunting, though it would definitely be quiet.

The Melbourne Airport ibis budget Hotel which is where I’ve sought shelter for the night is barely a ten minute walk from the T1 terminal and is better than I could have hoped for. The word budget in the title didn’t conjure up much hope but the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly and the room is clean, affordable, simple and perfect for my needs.

I don’t even know if there’s wifi – it doesn’t feel like it but maybe there is, I’ve brought my own because I was a scout and our motto is be prepared.

I’m just more than grateful to have a couple of walls around me!

I think a few people might have been screwed over today by third party flight companies like Webjet – I only knew that my flight had been cancelled because I was confirming on the Jetstar site my baggage. There was no email, text or call from Webjet and as I mentioned a couple of days ago after five hours on their web chat I had to pack it in. Their phones are off as well.

It’s hard to blame them with this horror scenario for them but I can’t imagine the people who showed up at the Jetstar counter today expecting to check in to their flight to Hobart only be told that it was cancelled would be feeling as generous.

As I type this my flight is still a go for tomorrow and I’m expecting despite the ball of anxiety in my stomach to fall asleep reasonably easy tonight – I carbed up on veggie burgers and fries at MacDonalds and am feeling extremely wiped after only four or so hours of sleep last night.

It’s a sleep in tomorrow!

Also I excitedly reset my phone’s home timezone to Hobart.

It’s the little things.

Not long to go now and then government enforced isolation and then April 15th I’m home!

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  1. Ben Boyle says:

    Nice! Good luck tomorrow 🙂

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