About A Girl – The Orville

About A Girl

Yeah it was a fair stretch of time between this and the last The Orville episode poster.

I had this image designed for ages but something wasn’t quite right until I realised that I needed to put Rudolph in the middle.

I think I’m getting better at capturing the essence of each of the characters as well which can be a challenge when you’re working in such a simplistic manner.

I’ll also admit to having continued watching episodes without finishing this piece so I’ll probably have to go back and rewatch them again (oh what a burden LOL).

I think this episode was bold, I understand it copped a bit of criticism for being a clumsy approach to the material but I like the idea that the show is trying to stimulate some thought around stuff and it’s a great episode to grab a coffee with a fellow Orville fan and discuss the issues raised.

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