Alita Battle Angel

I really enjoyed Alita Battle Angel.

A lot.

I’ve been pretty slack in my cinema outings in the last couple of years but I’ve started making a trip to the cinema in the morning a new weekly/fortnightly ritual. So far I’ve been lucky, as I really liked Glass and of course Alita I loved.

I’m a fan of the source material in that I’ve read them and enjoyed them and even still own a couple of editions. The story always struck me as a great cyberpunk story but going into the film I didn’t have any expectations.

The film would be what it would be and I’d kill a couple of hours in air conditioning.

The world that unfolding though was a feast for the eyes with a fully realised cyberpunk city meticulously crafted. The action sequences were all really well done and exciting and there’s a genuine story throughout.

A great pleasure to watch and I look forward to getting a “The Art Of” book when it’s released.

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