Dominar Rygel XVI

I think this is actually my third or maybe fourth full watchthrough of Farscape and every time it captures my heart thoroughly. It’s such a bizarre and at times truly ambitious show. I’m not sure if there is a recurring character I dislike. So I’m going to go through and draw a set of the […]

My favourite space plant

If I’m drawing an alien planet I will always invariably including the singing plant from The Cage. I don’t why that’s locked into my brain as alien plants but it is and I do like drawing it. I don’t personally subscribe to Spock smiling in The Cage being canon but I do enjoy it and […]

The Federation Charter

It wasn’t until I was actually working on this that I was struck by the significance of these four species on the world of Star Trek. The core founding member species of the Federation. It’s a shame that Enterprise didn’t get to fully expand upon the birth of the Federation but I think even at […]

Horror Express

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been quite so proud of two likenesses before but I’m really pleased with my Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. This is kind of a scene from the classic horror film Horror Express that I highly recommend seeking out for some campy 70s horror. The eyes on the evil character […]

The Nebula

This was a really fun piece to paint as I had to problem solve along the way as some of my plans didn’t quite work out. The paper itself was a little too absorbent of the black ink and then some of my colour mixes didn’t perform. So I just made adjustments to the approach […]

Sam / Jack

I don’t often get asked to do slash or shipping pieces. They’re generally all pretty tasteful when I do (I stay under a PG rating when it comes to hand holding and the like) and I don’t mind doing them. I guess whilst the above image isn’t canon (that we know of) Sam and Jack […]

Family Custom Trek Sketch Cards

I was commissioned to draw a family in the various different Trek era styles and they were a lot of fun to do. I’m not usually a fan of drawing “people” directly as there’s a lot more pressure on you than with anonymous famous people or made up characters but the reference photos supplied were […]