Alita Battle Angel

I really enjoyed Alita Battle Angel. A lot. I’ve been pretty slack in my cinema outings in the last couple of years but I’ve started making a trip to the cinema in the morning a new weekly/fortnightly ritual. So far I’ve been lucky, as I really liked Glass and of course Alita I loved. I’m […]

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale Spoiler

How’s that for a click bait title!?!? This is a response to a question that Trekcore posed over on Twitter about what Michael did to Spock to cause the rift and my silly response was: She sold his Space Fun Helmet on Vulcan eBay behind his back… — Lee Sargent ✏ (@leesargent) February 13, […]

Calypso commission – addendum

Remember I did a Calypso commission piece? Well I did and it was a fun little experiment piece but at the time I mentioned that I preferred not to be as experimental when handling commission requests. I assured the owner that I would follow up with an additional more traditional approach to it and here […]

Custom TOS Sketch Cards

In the past I’ve resisted drawing “real people” simply because the idea of breaking a person down to basic shapes to portray them especially in this style can be a daunting task because whilst it’s one thing to draw a larger than life character it’s another thing to draw someone directly. But enough people who […]