Day Four – Best Captain – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Four - Best Captain – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Captain James T Kirk

Look, I love all the Captains of Star Trek and the idea of who’s best is an argument no one can ever win, all you can go with is your own personal preference and if the Earth is in danger and we’re sending one starship out to save us (which happens way too often in Star Trek) then I’m sorry but I want Captain James T. Kirk in command.

People throw a lot of shade at the Kirk character and frankly most of it is gross exaggeration and generalisation.  Also to break the fourth wall slightly, to suggest that Shatner can’t act and is rubbish as Kirk is pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  Sure there’s some hokey stuff going on in Star Trek but then there’s some amazing work as well and the amazing outshines the crap.

I always maintain the true measure of the character is shown in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home when in a patched up captured Klingon vessel with a skeleton crew on their way home to face court martial they encounter a threat to Earth. To save Earth they have to undertake a ridiculously dangerous mission that they are completely ill equipped for.  Kirk doesn’t hesitate, not for a second because the other way is to let Earth perish.

It’s how he does everything.

This is part of the 30 Day Star Trek Challenge – check out the details here.

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