Rocket Penguins!

The standout hero of a recent Batman piece I did was a little Rocket Penguin who sneaked into the picture. So I had to draw a couple of standalone penguins… I always intended to pop these on t-shirts and stickers but originally I was going to digital colour them but sometimes I like the effect […]

Horror Express

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been quite so proud of two likenesses before but I’m really pleased with my Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. This is kind of a scene from the classic horror film Horror Express that I highly recommend seeking out for some campy 70s horror. The eyes on the evil character […]

Alita Battle Angel

I really enjoyed Alita Battle Angel. A lot. I’ve been pretty slack in my cinema outings in the last couple of years but I’ve started making a trip to the cinema in the morning a new weekly/fortnightly ritual. So far I’ve been lucky, as I really liked Glass and of course Alita I loved. I’m […]

Iron Man – 2008

As much as I’m loving having Stargate rolling in the background even I have to take a break if only to stop the streaming service from asking me five times a day if I’m still there. I generally have something on in the background all day as I get used to kicking around the house […]