Alita Battle Angel

I really enjoyed Alita Battle Angel. A lot. I’ve been pretty slack in my cinema outings in the last couple of years but I’ve started making a trip to the cinema in the morning a new weekly/fortnightly ritual. So far I’ve been lucky, as I really liked Glass and of course Alita I loved. I’m […]

Iron Man – 2008

As much as I’m loving having Stargate rolling in the background even I have to take a break if only to stop the streaming service from asking me five times a day if I’m still there. I generally have something on in the background all day as I get used to kicking around the house […]

Hermione Granger

With the Christmas period over I’m starting back into my list of commission requests. In the next couple of days I’ll also start processing / posting outstanding pieces and the ABCs of Trek series is getting sorted as well.

Lucius Malfoy

There was a very brief moment where I confused Lucius with Draco and fortunately the client reminded that they’d asked for the senior Malfoy. Not having done a lot of Harry Potter work in the past I’m quite enjoying discovering the costumes and interpreting them as best I can for my purposes.  It’s such a […]

Dr Ian Malcolm

I honestly laughed out loud when I read this commission request, I love drawing Jurassic Park stuff but I’ve never drawn Dr Malcolm in THAT pose. So very happy to have someone request it! I LOVE how natural it seems in the movie but the moment you think about it the pose is so ridiculous. […]