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Star Trek Discovery random illustrations

Ripper the Tardigrade from Star Trek Discovery

I’m enjoying Star Trek Discovery for what it is right now, an entertaining drama set in the Star Trek universe.  I’m not overly focused any more on the continuity issues the show has or even the mean vibe that I get off some of it.  People who are enraged over the departure from traditional Trek are probably giving themselves blood pressure issues and I don’t really care for it.  On the flip side the people who are claiming this is the greatest show ever to grace television and easily the best Star Trek series are a little too much for me as well.

Hate it or love it it’s completely up to you but I think it probably falls within the middle ground for me.  It’s very watchable but I think they’ve made some mistakes and I’m not a fan of some of the aesthetic decisions, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen and Star Trek needs to be an evolving beast to stay relevant.  A lot of the pro and con arguments are way too extreme and I think a little perspective is needed.

I am enjoying having new characters to play with though and that’s a very good thing.

Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer Jerry Goldsmith – 2017

One of the reasons I’ve opened up commissions and left them open for longer than normal is that it can be a surprise what people order and it can help with any artist inspirational block that can come along.  So this commission piece falls well within the unexpected requests.  I get it though, it’s a cool idea to ask for Jerry Goldsmith, arguably the most influential Star Trek composer, I just wouldn’t have thought to do the drawing myself.

Old Friend – a Star Trek Voyager illustration from Year of Hell

Janeway says farewell to Tuvok in Year of Hell
Old friend… 2017

I’m making my way through the backlog of Star Trek commission pieces and I always love a good Year of Hell request.  I think Year of Hell is probably one of the most imaginative ways to do an “it was all a dream” episodes and in the end, I wasn’t disappointed that it would leave no lasting impact on the show. It was a pretty grim what-if but it gave them a chance to do some really interesting things.

I had to reframe this scene for my particular style but I think it came up really well.  Sometimes I get requests to do a Star Trek colouring book so I grabbed the linework so you can download it and colour it yourself if you’d like (post a link if you do!)

Old friend - Voyager colour in
Old friend – Voyager colour in

The crew of Deep Space Nine

The crew of Deep Space Nine
The crew of Deep Space Nine
The crew of Deep Space Nine

The first of my crew commission pieces is a season four Deep Space Nine crew.  I did this one a little different to how I’ve been doing the crew drawings and I’m actually pretty happy with how it’s come out.

It’s a weird coincidence that I happened to watch the finale of DS9 tonight just after painting this, I’d been rewatching season seven and the timing was just right to put me in a DS9 state of mind.

What do you guys think?  More crew pics to come!

But what does it do? A Star Trek Voyager illustration

But what does it do? A Star Trek Voyager illustration
But what does it do? A Star Trek Voyager illustration
But what does it do? – 2017

I was given free reign on this commission piece the only stipulation was that it had to feature Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine and B’Elanna Torres.  So I thought it might be fine seeing them working on an alien contraption that they have no idea on what it does.

I really like how it came out actually, I’m starting to enjoy putting the crews into imagined environments rather than simply capturing established scenes.  These are the really fun ones to do.  The only thing is that B’Elanna’s complexion is a little too dark and that was a pigment that worked well on cardboard but seemed to go too dark on paper.  It’s a minor thing though and I’m going to suggest her Klingon side is shining through with frustration 😉 .

Stranger Things – sketch card set

I’m excited about Stranger Things season 2 because yes the first season was exceptionally good but two there’s obviously a significant amount of nostalgia coming from that second season (Ghostbusters costumes).  It’s interesting for me because they are around my age so I remember Ghostbusters being huge and Gremlins and The Neverending Story (1984 was an exceptional year for films).

It’s a byproduct of getting older LOL nostalgia films and the romanticism of the era you grew up in.

These sketchcards were done earlier this year, a combination of markers, watercolour and a touch of prismacolor pencils :).

You can order your own sketch cards on the Etsy store!

Who else is looking forward to Stranger Things season 2?

Sketchbook scenes – 2015

Back in 2015 I was looking for inspiration to fill a sketchbook that I had and so I gave myself a task.  Do a search for iconic movie scenes and then pencil and watercolour sketch them in the sketchpad in the order they appeared in Google images.  I resisted telling anyone what the thread was through these sketches, though I hinted that there was one.

Looking back on them I’m actually quite proud of how they came out, those scenes are very clearly from each of those films and if you know the scene you’ll hopefully recognise it.

I believe that there are still some pencil sketches in that sketchpad that I hadn’t painted yet so I might dig it up and see if they are worth finishing.  I might even be tempted to continue on the work (I do need to finish up my He-Man collection though and a number of commission pieces!) as the search results have changed so dramatically in the past two years.

Not sure if I have a favourite, possibly Leon and I think I captured the colour palette of Terminator 2 really well.

What’s your favourite? I’d love to hear!

Q and Picard – a TNG illustration

Q and Picard in Tapestry - a TNG illustration
Q and Picard in Tapestry - a TNG illustration
Q and Picard in Tapestry – 2017

This is another commission piece and I kind of struggled with it because the scene itself takes place in some sort of Q heaven which is bathed in white light which is not really in my wheelhouse to suitably show the effect.  So I just focused on the two characters, Q is another one that I struggle with and he’s usually driven by the costume to make him.

I really like this episode it’s one example where Q can be used for really good storytelling.  Usually, I’m not a huge fan of the character, I admittedly find his and most holodeck episodes pretty tedious but I like this small journey into the decisions we make.

You can order your own Star Trek scribble on the Etsy store.