Welcome Stranger #LostInSpace

As soon as the “missile attack” scene was resolved and the main theme of the episode became apparent I was really dreading it. A space cowboy shows up from Earth (though he’s been out there longer) and I just thought the episode was going to be camp rubbish but wow, nothing of the sort. He’s […]

The Hungry Sea – #LostInSpace

I have a feeling that this is the last episode to be made up of footage from the pilot episode though it honestly hasn’t diminished the episodes in any way. The editing has been extremely creative and made good use of what they had. The fascinating element here is that the original trip across the […]

The Derelict – #LostInSpace

An absolute brilliant science fiction episode of Lost In Space. The Robinsons encounter an alien spacecraft that brings them inside where they discover alien looking interiors with alien looking aliens!!! No bumpy head aliens here, these things are not human, we can’t understand them, they crackle with electricity, their ship is strange and Don and […]