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Page 100 Project – The Gunslinger by Stephen King

Page 100 Project - The Gunslinger
Page 100 Project – The Gunslinger – 2017

The Page 100 Project – draw the 100th page of a novel in comic format.

Having been a big Stephen King fan for most of my life I’ll admit to not really knowing how it was that I just never got around to reading The Dark Tower series.  Most people praise it and even then I’m not sure I was convinced until I read The Gunslinger.

I really enjoyed it. Loved it in fact and couldn’t put it down, from its perfect first line to the ending that must have been a nightmare for those waiting for the next one to be written.  I highly recommend it.

The 100th page is really dialog heavy and I had to leave out a couple of lines which I really didn’t want to do but I just didn’t have the room.  As it is I crammed extra dialog just to get to that “then we’ll go” line.  I refused to pollute the second panel with words though as I felt the line in the novel describing that panel had to remain (and it’s my favourite panel now.

When I read the book I was a little torn as I’ve seen the trailers for the movie and probably picture Idris Elba as Roland as I’m reading it but then I was reading about how the Man With No Name is the inspiration around the look of Roland so I decided to go with something like that.  I enjoyed playing with the smoke as well, I overplayed it certainly but I don’t think that matters.

Page 100 Project – Engines of Destiny – from the archive

Page 100 Project - Engines of destiny
Page 100 Project – Engines of Destiny – 2010

So quite some years ago Jason Turner started a little thing called the Page 100 Project.  Essentially the gist was that you took the 100th page of a novel and you illustrated it as a comic-book page.  I did a couple of these back in 2010 and semi-recently I’ve been doing one-off illustrations from the 100th page of books I’ve been reading but I think I’d like to start work on these again.

This is from the Star Trek novel Engines of Destiny and I have no idea about what’s going on here apart from Data collapses and a weird small Klingon ship appears and then blows up.

Seven years is a long time, this was when I was going through my comic book illustration phase, where I was working towards being a much more traditional style comic book illustrator.  It never really felt right so it’ll be interesting to see how much my current wabi sabi minimalist approach translates.  I’ve done a couple of short five-page things and I think it works but then I suspect my style is an acquired taste and not for everyone.

The first one up is going to be The Dark Tower book one – The Gunslinger.  Do I go with movie versions or make up my own impressions!