Deep Space Nine Sketch Cards

So I’m currently in a mad race to finish 95% of the outstanding commission requests before I have to pack everything up here and live like a nomad for a couple of weeks. It’s an exciting time and the challenge is to give everyone the awesome effort they’re hoping for which has been part of […]

Spock³ Sketch Cards

This was a cool trio to do because I was asked to do TOS standard uniform Spock and then pick two random appearances of Spock. With that kind of prompt it seemed only right to dress him up in his dress uniform finest for one of the others. I’ve always enjoyed drawing the TOS EVA […]

Family Custom Trek Sketch Cards

I was commissioned to draw a family in the various different Trek era styles and they were a lot of fun to do. I’m not usually a fan of drawing “people” directly as there’s a lot more pressure on you than with anonymous famous people or made up characters but the reference photos supplied were […]