The Nebula

This was a really fun piece to paint as I had to problem solve along the way as some of my plans didn’t quite work out. The paper itself was a little too absorbent of the black ink and then some of my colour mixes didn’t perform. So I just made adjustments to the approach […]

Family Custom Trek Sketch Cards

I was commissioned to draw a family in the various different Trek era styles and they were a lot of fun to do. I’m not usually a fan of drawing “people” directly as there’s a lot more pressure on you than with anonymous famous people or made up characters but the reference photos supplied were […]

Goodnight Porthos

There does seem to be an overwhelming love for all things Porthos which I think is wonderful. So I messed around with a couple of elements to make this work better, the room isn’t really accurate as I didn’t really have the time to look for scenes to reference at this particular angle. I also […]

Another “Badass Janeway” commission

I’m not sure I’ll get sick of drawing “badass Janeway” anytime soon. I’ve gone with an original setting but this time she’s emptied several phasers already facing off against whatever foe she is (I’ll leave that up to you). Commission pieces are still available though there is a bit of a wait right now (if you […]

Dr Crusher – commission

I have a couple of Dr Crusher’s scheduled in my commission pieces and it’s nice to revisit the character and hopefully do different stuff with her. Commission pieces are still available though there is a bit of a wait right now (if you are keen on getting one I would still lock it in now […]

Captain Gabriel Lorca – commission piece

Everything came out darker than expected but then that all seems to be okay because this is of course Captain Lorca lol. I think I’m finally comfortable with the Discovery uniforms, having found my way around them, what parts I like to tweak to fit my own aesthetic when drawing them. Commission pieces are still […]