Dr Crusher – commission

I have a couple of Dr Crusher’s scheduled in my commission pieces and it’s nice to revisit the character and hopefully do different stuff with her. Commission pieces are still available though there is a bit of a wait right now (if you are keen on getting one I would still lock it in now […]

Captain Gabriel Lorca – commission piece

Everything came out darker than expected but then that all seems to be okay because this is of course Captain Lorca lol. I think I’m finally comfortable with the Discovery uniforms, having found my way around them, what parts I like to tweak to fit my own aesthetic when drawing them. Commission pieces are still […]

Calypso commission – addendum

Remember I did a Calypso commission piece? Well I did and it was a fun little experiment piece but at the time I mentioned that I preferred not to be as experimental when handling commission requests. I assured the owner that I would follow up with an additional more traditional approach to it and here […]

Custom TOS Sketch Cards

In the past I’ve resisted drawing “real people” simply because the idea of breaking a person down to basic shapes to portray them especially in this style can be a daunting task because whilst it’s one thing to draw a larger than life character it’s another thing to draw someone directly. But enough people who […]