30 Days of DS9

Wow, I can’t believe how quickly that went by and what a joy it was to do. It actually prompted me to rewatch whole seasons of Deep Space Nine and now I suspect I’ll keep going through to the end now. Day 30 was a hard one to sum up in a paragraph and an […]

Lieutenant Commander Shelby

When I was originally drawing this I had concerns I hadn’t made her surroundings borg enough so I tweaked some of the elements and now I don’t think there’s any mistaking that she’s aboard a cube. LOL I also realise as I’m looking at this that I’ve forgotten to paint the phaser and tricorder – […]

My favourite space plant

If I’m drawing an alien planet I will always invariably including the singing plant from The Cage. I don’t why that’s locked into my brain as alien plants but it is and I do like drawing it. I don’t personally subscribe to Spock smiling in The Cage being canon but I do enjoy it and […]

The Federation Charter

It wasn’t until I was actually working on this that I was struck by the significance of these four species on the world of Star Trek. The core founding member species of the Federation. It’s a shame that Enterprise didn’t get to fully expand upon the birth of the Federation but I think even at […]