The Invisigoth (Esther Nairn) from the X-Files episode “Kill Switch”. A fun commission piece to do though dealing with such “pale” characters can sometimes present a challenge in my simplified colour scheme. LOL I used to work in electronics so I know what a multimeter is.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace

So I’ve really got myself a great smattering of different franchises in my commission list (just a reminder the commissions are closed as I have a very long list to keep me good and busy). I’ve not done a lot of Battlestar Galactica material and I think that Starbuck is my favourite character in either […]

Dominar Rygel XVI

I think this is actually my third or maybe fourth full watchthrough of Farscape and every time it captures my heart thoroughly. It’s such a bizarre and at times truly ambitious show. I’m not sure if there is a recurring character I dislike. So I’m going to go through and draw a set of the […]

General George S. Hammond

I felt I couldn’t leave the SG1 warm up scribbles without featuring the extremely rare appearance of General Hammond offworld (by season 4 I think he’s only been off world once that I can think of). Such a surprisingly important element to the show, it must have been weird for Don S Davis to be […]