Colonel Jack O’Neill

This was actually yesterday’s warm-up scribble, this morning.   I do have to say that O’Neill probably isn’t my favourite character, I’m not sure what it is, I think his “acting dumb” routine.  Sometimes it just rubs me the wrong way, I know that’s the schtick but it doesn’t endear the character to me. All […]

Dr Daniel Jackson

I like to kick off my day of drawing doing some freehand character scribbles such as Daniel here (and Teal’c before him).  It’s good to draw characters that I’m not tasked with or away from the Trek franchise. Like a palate cleanser for drawing.   Plus I’m loving these characters so much so it’s a joy […]


Stargate SG1 has become a faithful companion during my days of scribbling, there’s a consistent comfort to the show and I appreciate the tone of the show.  It’s deals with some dark concepts but manages to keep the tone light and well balanced. It’s reassuring and I’m really loving the characters. 

Dr Janet Fraiser

I love drawing Star Trek stuff but it’s so nice to step out into other universes for these commission pieces. Whilst rewatching SG1 I can’t get over how many of these characters are very dear to me, I always thought that Stargate was something I watched somewhat passively but having it running in the background […]

Dr Sam Beckett

So for my first A5 Character Commission we step outside of the Star Trek universe (though we’re not abandoning all connections) and step into Quantum Leap with Dr Sam Beckett. I will admit I’ve never been much of a Quantum Leap viewer, I’ve seen the odd episode here and there but not enough to classify […]

About A Girl – The Orville

Yeah it was a fair stretch of time between this and the last The Orville episode poster. I had this image designed for ages but something wasn’t quite right until I realised that I needed to put Rudolph in the middle. I think I’m getting better at capturing the essence of each of the characters […]