My side, your side!

Stark wasn’t a character I really cared for in my first couple of watch throughs of Farscape but I always liked his look and I really enjoyed his character this last watch through (spoiler alert I really loved everyone!) I’ll use this now for a model to make an 8Bit version of him.

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale Spoiler

How’s that for a click bait title!?!? This is a response to a question that Trekcore posed over on Twitter about what Michael did to Spock to cause the rift and my silly response was: She sold his Space Fun Helmet on Vulcan eBay behind his back… — Lee Sargent ✏ (@leesargent) February 13, […]

Day Six – Happiest Event – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

Day Six – Happiest Event – 30 Day Star Trek Challenge

I struggled with deciding this one and then went for the first thing that kept popping into my head.  I remember beaming (excuse the pun) when newly-demoted Captain Kirk sees the Enterprise-A for the first time and says “My friends, we’ve come home.”  The music swells with the original series which to this point has […]