Curse you Rocketeer said the Nazis

I’ve always loved the aesthetics of the Rocketeer despite thinking that it was an okay film. A lot of this, of course, has to do with the posters which are simply stunning and I highly recommend seeking out the unused posters.  They were very kindly shared with me by someone involved with the production but alas that was on a former site.

I did this piece back in 2014 which surprised me because it must have been one of the very first of my “no nose” era.  I dug another one out of the archives from around the same period and it still had noses (a Planet of the Apes illustration in case you were wondering).

I just dug the original illustration out of my archives and it’s now up on Etsy if anyone is interested.

Curse the Rocketeer said the Nazis

Curse the Rocketeer said the Nazis – 2014

Obviously, I’m dragging this one out of the archives because for some incomprehensible reason Nazis are a legitimate topic of late.  How white supremacists can actively exist in this day and age is simply beyond me.  I’m not that political, having worked in the public service for eight or so years I’ve generally kept my political ideas to myself.  That being said though, it doesn’t seem to be that radical an idea to suggest that one is anti-Nazis.  In fact having to make that statement seems almost ludicrous, it is a given, it’s like saying I’m a human being.  It’s not needed, you already assume this of me.

But in light of recent events apparently, that isn’t an assumption one can reasonably make.  Which again, I struggle to wrap my brain around.

What I don’t struggle with is how awesome this CGI series of the Rocketeer would have been!

Remember the original is available over on Etsy.