Day 10. The Wolfman #inktober

Once again I’m a huge fan of the original wolfman and the limitations they had makeup wise produced a look and feel that is very much to my liking. 

So I was kind of keen to find a very modern werewolf pose and take the old look and work with that.

The paper is gorgeous it has a homemade feel to it with lots of fibres and texture. Despite the ugly shiny paper I love that the type and quality of the different recycled pages are influencing the scribbles.

The colour of the paper also lends itself very well to capturing that old wolfman movie vibe.

As I mentioned yesterday the flatbed scanner can’t scan because of the growing thickness of the page spine when folded back so now I’m relying on the iPhone to capture it – which was always the plan but it’s hard seeing everyone else’s beautiful crisp pictures and not wish I could do that too.

A couple of people have asked what I’ll be doing with the book when done, I think I’ll probably pop the whole book on the shop but I’ll make a decision on that closer to the end because I might hang on to it as a guide for some pieces I want to expand on them.

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